Our fully integrated and connected packaging solution allows you to optimize logistics and turn your products into a platform that engages consumers directly.

Experts in Developing Packaging & Accessories for the Cigar Industry

With over 30 years in the market, our group has developed, what we consider, a specialized diversification. We offer everything from custom products and packaging, to digital integrations with products.

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Packaging & Accessories

We can design and develop a wide range of special NFC and UHF tags for your product’s packaging.

  • High-quality packaging development
  • A one of a kind package design for your one of a kind product
  • A reliable, outsourced manufacturer to create your packaging
  • Unique packaging with attention to detail
  • NFC platform

Smart Packaging

Our smart packaging incorporates Near Field Communication (NFC) tag technology. These tags contain a microchip wherein information is stored for your product’s digital experience. These experiences can then be created, managed, and tracked through our HG Studio platform.

  • Be leaders in the industry.
  • Connect with your consumers directly.
  • Reconnect with your consumers after they purchase your product.
  • Receive analytics to fuel your marketing efforts.

HG Marketing Platform

HumidifGroup has made incredible advances in the cigar industry, with our exclusive marketing platform crafted specifically for targeting and marketing to smokers. This platform enables businesses within the cigar industry to reach a higher level of success and engage potential customers more successfully with our customized data-driven strategies.

By harnessing the power of an insider’s perspective, you can increase your brand presence and make sure that both new and existing clients have an easy time finding the products they’re looking for. With HumidifGroup’s innovative marketing tool, you’re sure to propel your business forward while delighting customers along the way.

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